About the Department

The mechanical engineering department was established with a vision to be the centre for excellence in skill and professional development by promoting the students for enhanced employment / entrepreneurship in their chosen field of industry viz., Research & Development, Design, Production and Maintenance departments of the Industries, Academics or Public services.

Diploma in Mechanical Engineering is a three year program that moulds the students for professional practice in the era of rapidly advancing interdisciplinary technology.  The course also ensures to develop self-reliance, creativity, business and moral ethics, leadership and motivation in the students. The versatility of the course provides broad-based education that enables one to excel in diverse career choices.

Objective of the Department

  • To infuse a  logical understanding of fundamentals and important current issues in the field of Mechanical engineering
  • To inculcate attitude, values and vision in students that will prepare them for active professionalism in industry and academia by acquiring proper skills and qualities.
  • To craft capable, innovative and entrepreneurial mechanical engineers, to fulfill the demand of the stake holders in accordance with the global technological developments in this field, leading them to become an asset for the nation.
    • Program enables students to gain ability to:
    •  Use techniques, skills, and modern engineering tools necessary for various engineering practices
    • Apply knowledge of mathematics, science and engineering in designing, building, optimizing and testing several mechanical devices, to perform maintenance, repair and production of mechanical devices and to several industrial installations with their accessories
    • Development of basic concepts, principles and modules in designing and drawing the machinery, equipment, parts and system.
    • Development of basic knowledge regarding material and metallurgy of the components.
    • Development of Basic knowledge and skill in Computer Application to aid the various spheres of mechanical engineering.
    • Design and implementation of products, processes, logistics and quality assurance systems
    • Development of knowledge and skill to arrange and control the industrial operations such as Marketing, Production, Planning & Control and also lead up to the sales section.
    • Development of skills in making the budgets, cost estimation and projects for improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the manufacturing.
    • To develop professional skills, commitment and discipline among the students.



To provide the students with a real time working knowledge of the machines and equipments, the department is supported by well equipped laboratories. The various laboratories to impart practical know-how are:

  • Basic Workshops and Special Machines

Fully functional and versatile workshops like Fitting, Wiring, Plumbing, Foundry, Welding, Lathe and Drilling are available to cater to the basic needs and craftsmanship skill necessary for the students.
Special machines aids the students to perform complex machining process like Milling, Cylindrical, Surface, Tool and Cutter Grinders, Shaper, Slotter, etc.

  • Computer Applications  & Computer Aided Design Laboratory

A full-fledged computer lab helps to train the students on basic documentation skills like Word, Spread sheets and slide preparation skills using Microsoft Office. Computer

  • Metrology and Metallography Laboratory

This laboratory aims at training the students to be aware of various measuring techniques for physical and to study the metal structure parameters.

  • Interdisciplinary Laboratories

Laboratories like Strength of Materials & Fluid Mechanics Laboratory are the laboratories of Department of Civil Engineering where the various strength parameters and the fluid flow characteristics can be analyzed.
Electrical Drives and Control Laboratory of Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering enhance the students’ knowledge about various AC and DC electrical drives and their application in circuits and machinery.
Life & Employability Skills Laboratory of Department of English imparts and fine tunes students English communication skills in Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking which is indispensable to perform in globalized corporate environment.

  • Process Automation Laboratory

To abreast with the automation and man-less operation in industries, Process automation laboratory aims at imparting knowledge in various components of automating processes to aid in material handling and fabrication in pneumatics, hydraulics and using latest Logix software for experiments in PLC.

  • Thermal & Automobile Engineering

The lab is designed to develop core competencies in thermal system and power generation and also to have a thorough knowledge of various systems inherent to automobiles.

  • Machine Tool  Testing and Measurement Laboratory

Tool is the integral and vital part of any manufacturing system and the laboratory is aimed at teaching the students about testing the machines and equipments for its integrity and calibrating them at predetermined interval of time.

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