Hostel facility available for both Boys & Girls separately and with full of security.
The College Hostel, located within the college campus, consists of two blocks, one each for boys and girls. All community areas like dining room, common room, recreation room, wash room etc., are provided separately for boys and girls. The Hostel Committee, under the Chairmanship of Principal, frames the rules and regulations of the Hostel from time to time and is the final authority in matters concerning the management of the hostels.


We have a separate and centralized library facility for our students. There are about 50,000+ books in our library facility. Every year we update and add new set of books to keep the library lively. There are also national and international journals available in our library. Today sixty different journals are available to the student and members of the Adhisankarar  family. We have also started with the concept of e-library which will be completed very soon.


For the security and added comfort, we provide buses for the transportation of our students. The routes and pickup points are clearly laid out, and you are requested to follow the timings set for the pickup. In addition to the transportation provided by us in all routes.


A well furnished canteen is being run for the benefit of all in the campus for their catering. The campus café is open from 08.30 A.M to 05.30 P.M. on all working days. It serves eatables and beverages at  nominal rates. It maintaines a commendable degree of hygiene.

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