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Sri Adhisankarar
College of Education
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:::: Academics
:::: Courses
Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.)
:::: Duration
One full academic year with 180 working days / curriculum transaction days or 1080 hours, including teaching practice, revision examination and study holidays.
:::: Subjects
Core subjects
1 Education in the emerging Indian Society.
2 Psychology of learning and Human development.
3 Educational Innovations and management.
Elective Subjects
1 Human Right
2 Peace and Value Education
3 Environmental Education
4 Guidance and Counseling
5 Perspectives in special education
6 Computers in Education
7 Curriculum Development
8 Pre-Primary Education
9 Physical and Health Education
10 Library and information resource management
11 Safety and disaster management education.
Optional - I
1 Major Paper
Optional - II
1 Tamil
2 English
  PG's can prefer their own major subjects
:::: Attendance
Teaching practice of 40 working days, and Compulsory 85% attendance.
:::: Co-Curricular Activities
Sri Adhisankarar College of Education gives more importance to co-curricular activities and cultural activities. Singing and Dancing are more popular among the students. Cultural activities based on rural areas and foregone activities like Kummi, Kollatam are given preference.
:::: Internship 
Each trainee has an intensive practice –cum-observation in an identified school for a period of 40 days
::::  Bridge Course
A bridge course of 10 days and a soft skills course for three days are conducted for the benefit of the students.
:::: Evaluation 
The trainees are evaluated internally and externally in each year. The external Examination is conducted by the Directorate Examinations TNTEU, Chennai.