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Sri Adhisankarar College of Hotel Management
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Sri Adhisankarar College of Hotel Management
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:::: About Hotel & Hospitality
The Hotel and Catering industry is, by its very nature, dynamic, innovative and ever changing its demand for well-trained personnel will continue to exceed the availability particularly as the Industry needs to make the best possible use of the available technology.
Most Higher Education Hotel and Catering courses is full-time sandwich based, with little provision for part-time employment to programme provides the opportunity for those individuals engaged in full or part-time develop their management skills by following established units of study in the Institute of Service Industries within a Higher Education context.
By careful design and interview, we are able to tailor-make a study package to suit an individual specific needs, thereby giving the maximum assistance with his/her development.
Successful completion of an appropriate course leads to nationally recognized qualifications, which in turn assist in gaining professional association recognition.